Mystic Topaz Gemstone

Couples in search of a rare ring for a good price, would do well to consider a mystic topaz engagement ring. Although Topaz is well known gemstones, mystic Topaz is a newcomer to the jewelry market. The polished stones only started to grow in popularity in 2003, and today there is a unique and beautiful iridescent gemstone suitable for both traditional and handmade unique mysyic tppaz rings.

Mystic topaz gemstone is an enhanced or treated in any way, the gems that are not naturally found. To create mystic topaz, topaz natural, colorless, is coated with a thin layer of titanium or similar metal. The coating is microns thick and is applied to the pavilion of the stone, the bottom, which usually constitutes the bulk of the gem. The application process is protected by strict patents that limit the amount of mystic topaz on the market in general.

It specializes in the coating to change the natural stone and refraction to create a rainbow of stunning colors, predominantly blue, green, yellow and small bursts of red. This iridescent effect is unknown in most of the precious stones Mystic Topaz and makes it the perfect choice for rings only, without resorting to outrageous, unconventional styles.

In simple terms, the mystic topaz is a natural stone cladding to improve the treatment. Natural topaz is found in many places, including Africa, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia and some U.S. states such as Utah, where the official state gem.

Mystic Topaz Rings engagement come in many styles, including different cut types, sizes and settings. Both large and small stones can use accent stones, mainly diamonds. Mystic Topaz stone is usually set with yellow or white gold but is also put in more expensive metals like platinum, because the stone itself is inexpensive.

Because of the rarity of the stone, engagement ring designs range is narrower than diamonds or other precious stones. A reputable jeweler can also create a beautiful design with your loose gem.