Mystic topaz (facts).

Mystic topaz was first seen in September of 1998, at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair, but it took several years before this magnificent marvel hit mainstream consumers. Before mystic topaz is crafted into the vibrant stone that it is; it starts as a natural topaz gemstone.

Through a modern technology technique called CVD (chemical vapors disposition) the stone is made more desirable. The process places a thin layer of titanium onto a colorless topaz gemstone, resulting a eye-catching variety of colors. Mystic topaz is a natural stone enhanced by a coating treatment.

How to care for Mystic Topaz
Mystic Topaz must be delicately cared for to maintain its rainbow vibrant glow. It is said that the stone should be given the same care as a precious pearl. The jewelry in which it is embedded should be protect against sharp blows and damaging activities. Only using products you would use for pearls as a base for cleaning. Using a soap and water mix will clean the stone, but using the proper cleaning products will ensure maximum preservation. Do not use abrasive materials when cleaning mystic topaz as the scratches could damage the coating taking away from its beauty. If treated properly mystic topaz can last a lifetime. Though the process that the stone undergoes is more appealing to the eye the actual topaz gemstone holds more value in its natural form.

Mystical Properties
There is a lot of mystical properties that are believed to be within the topaz stone as well as mystic topaz. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed yellow topaz was a symbol representing their Sun deities, Ra and Jupiter. The Ancients of earths past strongly believed that topaz possessed healing properties. The Ancients of the past also believed that if you were to place a topaz stone in wine it could heal upper respiratory problems and even enhance ones eyesight. Emperors and/or Pharaohs would use the stone to detect poison in what they were to drink believing the stone would signal of bad; of course still using poison testers in castle the stone was faulty. Though it was not popular some even believed that the topaz stone gave you temporary invisibility in times of great peril.

Mystic Topaz can be embedded in any jewelry but is typically placed in rings and bracelets. Today some people may still believe in the stones mystical properties, but it typically just a fashion according to trend. Topaz is the birthstone for November, a dazzling affordable stone for your date of birth! The most valuable of topaz stones are yellow-orange color and they are called Imperial Topaz. The value of the topaz is increased by the darker orange and reddish pigments. Pure Topaz is transparent and almost completely clear, all of the stones change in appearance once placed through CVD. A process which would bedazzle the Ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures if they did not already discover the process themselves!