How to wear mystic topaz?

Sometimes combining your jewelry with your outfit can be a complicated task, especially when in your jewelry you have some that are made with Mystic Topaz.

Many people believe that the Mystic Topaz is a gem difficult to combine for its multi-colored properties, however you should not be afraid when using this gem jewelry, it is thanks to its beautiful colors that this gem combines almost perfectly with everything, obviously everything depends on the situation or the event.

The bright colors of Mystic Topaz are usually very showy, especially in places with lots of natural light, so we recommend you wear Topaz rings and bracelets when you go to an outdoor event or meeting, since natural light highlights its brightness, having a jewel of this gem you will notice that it has a great reflection of light, you can usually use this gem to go out to a meeting with friends in a cafe or to have a lunch with your boyfriend.

Mystical Topaz earrings can also be used sometimes with lots of natural light but these can also be used equally in low light situations, as the size of the earrings and its sometimes poor visibility will give you a mystical and elegant touch, this does not mean that they will not highlight their colors, but that the artificial lights in a night event do not completely affect this gem, but it will highlight a more beautiful side of the Mystic Topaz that although it will look a little darker you will notice that its rainbow hue will not disappear.

In summary we recommend that you encourage us to experiment a little more with the Mystic Topaz jewels.