Azotic Treatment Of Quartz And Topaz

For the most part Azotic treatment alludes to a procedure of covering a vapid gemstone, for example, Topaz or Quartz with various chemicals to make a variety of various hues. In the market today there are two particular sorts of medications. There is the trademarked procedure known as Azotic covering and afterward there is the more broad ‘surface covering’ of gemstones. The most widely recognized term you will discover is “Spiritualist Topaz” which is the most famous sort of Azotic Topaz.

A few merchants are postings gemstones with a spiritualist shading as Azotic, This is a copyright gemstone procedure and if your are not purchasing from an Azotic seller or affiliate then the jewels you are purchasing are not Azotic.


There are various approaches to coat gemstones utilizing distinctive chemicals. A portion of the hues accessible are exceptionally energetic, for example, the ‘Salmon Sorbet’ demonstrated as follows.

Since Topaz is such hard gemstone (measures 8 on the MOHS scale) and it is inactive to relatively every compound it is a simple gemstone to coat without having any unfavorable synthetic responses.


All Azotic® improvements are made using a procedure that DOES NOT utilize radiation or cruel chemicals.

The nature of the gemstone clearness, the faceting splendor, and the cleaning sparkle are similarly imperative as the upgrade procedure. The merchant gives Azotic Coating the substrate material (topaz, quartz, or CZ) for improvement. The upgrade procedure is subject to the choice of value substrate materials.

Another little yet relevant actuality is that The Patented procedures fabricated by Azotic can upgrade all slices and sizes up to 30mm for roughly a large portion of the cost while keeping up not as much as a large portion of the breakage rate. Sizes are not made over 30mm.

Azotic Coating Technology offers an extensive variety of sputtered metallic, oxide and nitride films. Responsive sputtering of metal oxides, carbides and nitrides is our claim to fame. The movies delivered by receptive sputtering are hard and thick and for the most part show superb attachment. Substrate temperatures are low, generally underneath 80 degrees C. Nearly anything strong and vacuum good (nonporous) can be covered. Itemscoated include: glass, quartz, topaz, sapphire, precious stone, silicon, pottery, metals, plastics, gems, biocompatible materials and even creepy crawlies.


As like every single treated gemstone we prescribe simply utilizing warm water with dish washing fluid and a delicate fabric. On the off chance that you utilize a ultrasonic cleaner we additionally suggested dish washing fluid and no grating materials. The treated layer is minuscule thin and does last if no grating materials rubs against it. However the jewel can end up dull if the covering is rubbed off in specific parts. The picture underneath demonstrates where the covering has been evacuated along the edges where the actualities meet.

Additionally immediate daylight isn’t suggest for long stretches. Indeed, even spiritualist quartz which is a characteristic quartz treated gemstone ought to be cleaned in a similar procedure.